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All About Blasting Direct

We are excited about your interest in Blasting Direct. 

Blasting Direct was designed to help you find what you need without the hassle, place an order quickly, and provide you a comprehensive knowledge base to find information.  We are here to bring a large selection of high-quality Media Blasting equipment and materials to homeowners, Small to Large businesses, and start-up companies quickly. Here on Blasting Direct, we sell all types of Media Blasting equipment, Vapor Abrasive Blasing (Dustless Blasting) and additional solutions for the marine industry, industrial industry, professional cleaning industry, restoration industry, and automotive industry. From the large units for your professional cleaning/blasting business to the small units for your garage, we provide you the best customer service available. We represent several high quality manufactures and are always looking for new types of resources and methods to help you blast more efficiently and with better results for your business and your customer. We believe in working as a team to support our customer’s needs so don't hesitate to tell us what you think.

Blasting Direct is dedicated to the highest level of customer service possible by giving you the equipment, knowledge base, and best price possible. We work hard at keeping our customers focus first and our prices low as we know how tough running a business can be. We also try to keep our knowledge base up to date with additional tips and tricks for the trade. We don’t know it all, so if you have any suggestions on how we can help others please don’t hesitate to bring that to our attention.

We strive to make your experience better than you expect. Your Customers expect that from you, and that's what we expect from ourselves. Please go to our contact page and let us know if we are falling short or exceeding your expectations. 

Blast Safely and God Bless!